IAA Seminar Series – Grant Passmore, Imandra Inc.

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Abstract: Many deep issues plaguing today’s financial markets are symptoms of a fundamental problem: The complexity of algorithms underlying modern finance has significantly outpaced the power of traditional tools used to design and regulate them. At Imandra, we have pioneered the application of formal verification to financial markets, where firms like Goldman Sachs, Itiviti and OneChronos already rely upon Imandra’s algorithm governance tools for the design, regulation and calibration of many of their most complex algorithms. With a focus on financial infrastructure (e.g., the matching logics of national exchanges and dark pools), we will describe the landscape, and illustrate our Imandra system on a number of real-world examples. We’ll sketch many open problems and future directions along the way.
Bio: Grant Passmore is co-founder and Co-CEO of Imandra Inc. Grant is a widely published researcher in formal verification and symbolic AI, and has more than fifteen years’ industrial formal verification experience. He has been a key contributor to safety verification of algorithms at Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon, Edinburgh, Microsoft Research and SRI. He earned his PhD on automated theorem proving in algebraic geometry from the University of Edinburgh, is a graduate of UT Austin (BA in Mathematics) and the Mathematical Research Institute in the Netherlands (Master Class in Mathematical Logic), and is a Life Member of Clare Hall, University of Cambridge.
Zoom: http://bit.ly/Grant-Passmore
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Passcode: 006961

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 10:45 to 11:45

JHU Homewood Campus, Malone Hall 228