Labor Day Holiday – No Seminar

LCSR Seminar: Professional Development Mathias Unberath “Applying for Faculty Positions in Engineering Disciplines – A (Too) Brief Overview”

This seminar will provide PhD students and postdocs with some information on how to navigate the academic job market. The seminar will touch on 1) benefits and possible challenges of the academic career path, 2) the many aspects of the academic job search (such as timing, required documents, interview schedule, …), and 3) the essential tasks junior faculty (and people aspiring to be) must master quickly.

LCSR Seminar: Alan Kuntz “Deformable tissue and deformable robots: novel algorithmic and mechanical solutions to leverage robots in surgical and interventional medicine”

Improving the capabilities of robots in medicine requires innovation in both robot design and computational methods. In this talk, I will discuss recent research from my lab on both topics. I will present new continuum robot designs at both meso- and micro-scales intended for procedures in delicate tissues such as the brain and lungs. I will also present data-driven and model-driven algorithmic methods we have developed to model, control, and plan motions for continuum, deformable robots and deformable tissue in the human body.

LCSR Seminar: IROS paper presentations

IROS practice talks by the students followed by 5-minute Q&A session after each paper.

Hisashi Ishida
Juan Barragan
Michael Kam
Jiawei Liu
Jim Wang.


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