LCSR Seminar: David Porfirio, “Robot Application Development: A Shifting Paradigm”

Title: Robot Application Development: A Shifting Paradigm

LCSR Seminar: Seth Hutchinson, “Model-Based Methods in Today’s Data-Driven Robotics Landscape

Model-Based Methods in Today’s Data-Driven Robotics Landscape
Seth Hutchinson, Georgia Tech

LCSR Seminar: Joseph Moore, “Assured robotic super-autonomy”

Title: “Assured robotic super-autonomy”

LCSR Student Seminar: TBD

LCSR Seminar: Sherry Yang, “Decision Making with Internet-Scale Knowledge”

Title: Decision Making with Internet-Scale Knowledge

LCSR Seminar Farshid Alambeigi,”Surgineering Using Intelligent and Flexible Robotic Systems”

Recent technological advances in the field of surgical Robotics have resulted in the development of a range of
new techniques and technologies that have reduced patient trauma, shortened hospitalization, and improved
diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic outcome. Despite the many appreciated benefits of robot-assisted mini-


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