LCSR Seminar Tommaso Ranzani, Enabling soft robots to function in complex environments: from addressing fundamental challenges to applications in beating heart surgeries

Complex and unstructured environments pose several challenges for traditional rigid robot technologies.
Inspired by biological systems, soft robots offer a promising alternative with respect to their rigid counterparts and demonstrate increased resilience and adaptation, resulting in machines that can safely interact with natural environments.

LCSR Student Seminars: Dimitri Lezcano and Wangqu Liu

Dimitri Lezcano, M.S.E.
PhD Candidate
Laboratory for Computational Sensing and Robotics
Title: Shape-Sensing, Shape-Prediction and Sensor Location Optimization of FBG-Sensorized Needles

LCSR Seminar: Peter Kazanzides “The da Vinci Research Kit: System Description, Research Highlights, and Surgical Robotics Challenge”

The da Vinci Research Kit (dVRK) is an open research platform that couples open-source control electronics and software with the mechanical components of the da Vinci surgical robot. This presentation will describe the dVRK system architecture, followed by selected research enabled by this system, including mixed reality for the first assistant, autonomous camera motion, and force estimation for bilateral teleoperation. The presentation will conclude with an overview of the AccelNet Surgical Robotics Challenge, which includes both simulated and physical environments.

Student Seminar – Aleem Khan

Student Seminar – Kate Sanders


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